The facility at Holiday Seafood contains a retail store front. This allows us to offer fresh seafood products to the public. Our customers come to our Fresh Market for fresh grouper, snapper, sushi grade yellowfin tuna, Florida Stone Crab and Florida Gulf shrimp. We work with a select team of local fisherman, shrimpers, and crabbers who unload their catch right at our dock. It does not get fresher than Holiday Seafood!

Holiday Seafood Fresh Market Open To The Public

Our Retail Fresh Market Is Currently Offering The Following Items

Fresh Fillets


  • Red Grouper Fillet

    • whole
  • Black Grouper Fillet

    • whole
  • Grouper Cheeks


  • Red Snapper Fillet


  • Fresh Yellowfin Tuna

    #1 Sushi Grade

Sport Fish

  • Mahi Mahi

    Mahi Mahi is also known as Dorado or Dolphin Fish.

  • Swordfish

Fresh Fish Steaks


  • Fresh Yellowfin Tuna

    #1 Sushi Grade

Spreads & Sauces

Fresh Spreads

  • Fish Spread

    • 1/2 lb


  • Florida Stone Crab Sauce

  • Cocktail Sauce

Fresh Shellfish

Fresh Scallops

  • Fresh Gulf Scallops

    • 10 / 20


  • Box of Fresh Gulf Oysters

    • 55 - 80 count
  • Fresh Gulf Oysters

    • by the dozen
  • Shucked Gulf Oysters

    • by the pint


  • Cherry Stone Clams

    • 50 count bag
    • by the dozen
  • Top Neck Clams

    • 50 count bag
    • by the dozen
  • Little Neck Clams

    • 100 count bag
    • by the dozen

Crab Meat

  • Jumbo

  • Lump

  • Claw

  • Fingers

Fresh Shrimp

Fresh Shrimp

  • Key West Pink Shrimp

    • head on
    • tails