Holiday Seafood is a wholesaler and processing company in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
We distribute fresh fish and seafood to restaurants in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.
Our retail market offers the same fresh restaurant quality seafood to the public.

The retail store at Holiday Seafood is open to the public. Our seafood comes from the fishing boats, across our docks to our processing center. We clean and filet the fish onsite. Our Fresh Seafood Marketplace is stocked with the freshest seafood products.

Fishermen bring their catch directly to us at our docks. The fresh fish that passes over our docks are cleaned and ready for sale in-house. Usually, the seafood that we sell was swimming 24 hours ago. It is that fresh.

Holiday Seafood in Tarpon Springs supplies some of your favorite restaurants with top quality seafood products. Chefs choose Holiday Seafood for competitive pricing, outstanding service, and the freshest fish, oysters, crab, and shrimp available.

Charlie Belcher Came To Visit

Fox13's Charlie Belcher came to Holiday Seafood to show their viewers the process of our fish house. They followed along from unloading the boats, weighing the catch and cleaning the fish into filets. Charlie suited up wearing apron, gloves, and boots in our processing facility. He also spoke to proprietor Henry Alonso in the retail shop, explaining how and where the public can purchase fresh fish and seafood in Tarpon Springs.

A Commitment To Quality

Holiday Seafood is a company with very high standards. Our commitment to quality goes beyond just bringing you a quality product. Our techniques, partnerships, and methods take into consideration important factors, such as sanitation and fishery sustainability.

The proprietor and employees of Holiday Seafood work hard to bring you the best quality, freshest seafood products every day. Holiday Seafood invites you to come to our facility and get to know where your seafood comes from. 

Cooking With Fresh Seafood

Some of our favorite recipes.

Red Snapper Ceviche Recipe | Holiday Seafood

Red Snapper

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Balsamic Seared Grouper

Seared Balsamic Grouper

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Teriyaki Shrimp Kabob recipe | Holiday Seafood

Teriyaki Shrimp Kabobs

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For The Freshest Seafood In Tarpon Springs,
Come Visit Our Store.

Our retail store is open to the public. We offer restaurant-quality fish and seafood for our customers to prepare at home. Visit our Fresh Market or call to learn about today's fresh catch.

589 Island Dr.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

(727) 934-4376

What's In Season

Some of our top selling products

Red Grouper
Red Snapper
Blue Crab
Stone Crab